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Take a look at the first seaplane designed for another world: Saturn’s moon

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NASA is a large institution that collaborates with hundreds of organizations and funds various projects for space exploration and science. You cannot invest lately as funds are limited 14 experimental projects selected by the agency: Among them is the hero of our news.

we are talking about something Seaplane specially designed to operate on Saturn’s most famous moon, Titan (moon made of hydrocarbons). Each of these 14 research projects will receive a $175,000 grant to complete the Phase 1 study of their ideas, as they are currently in the “very early stages of concept development.”

The “TitanAir” mission aims to include a seaplane-like vehicle that can glide around the moon. collects methane condensation and suspended complex organic matter. The vehicle can also descend into frozen lakes to collect liquid samples for analysis.

Another experimental project is Lunar Resources, Inc. in Houston. Their opinion is Oxygen channel on the lunar surface to serve future human settlements there, and the goal is to extract oxygen from dust and water from the moon ice at the satellite’s South Pole and then use pumps along a 5 kilometer long pipeline.

In short, these projects are certainly promising, but many of them will not really see the light.

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