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Microsoft is giving its US employees unlimited leave: how does it work?

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The concept of “unlimited holidays” can be unorthodox in Italy. Still, some big companies abroad have been adopting this practice for some time: even now Microsoft decided to take advantage of the so-called DTO.

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As reported by The Verge, Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s Chief Executive, recently sent an email message to the Redmond giant’s US employees referring to what’s called “discretionary leave.” Everything is interconnected, as you can imagine. Work habits that have emerged in recent years.

In fact, in the company’s internal memo “how, when and where we work has changed dramatically. […] As this changes, modernizing the holiday policy to a more flexible model is the natural next step.As The Verge learned, the innovation will launch as early as January 16, 2023 and will clearly include newcomers to Redmond.

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Simply put, Microsoft’s US employees they will no longer have to officially register holidayswill remain for hourly workers and company employees outside the United States. The company referenced legal issues to point out why expanding everything would be at least complicated.

So how does unlimited vacation time work? This is a “policy” that has already been adopted by various large foreign companies such as Netflix. Simply put, holidays are no longer counted on the “balance sheet”, but when “discretionary leave” means that Optional Off Timeor a period that usually requires an administrator’s permission or may not be paid at best in all cases (in the case of Microsoft, the dynamics are not yet clear, but this type of approach is often intended).

That said, the 10 “essential” company holidays Microsoft recommended for US employees, along with the unlimited vacation opportunity (plus the possibility of a one-time payment in April for those who don’t use their vacation balance), definitely stand out and return to highlight an already implemented practice. A few foreign companies linked to the tech world.

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Source: Every Eye

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