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Netflix launches live and worldwide events: starting with the SAG Awards

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As Netflix tries to make subscriptions ad-workable by promising new movies and TV shows to come even for the lowest “tiers” of subscription, the media streaming platform looks like it’s looking to take its first steps. live broadcast and live broadcast industry.

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Obviously not because the platform is turning to services like Twitch or YouTube Gaming, live broadcast of some events and programs especially of international importance. For example, on February 26, the company will now broadcast: Alive The entire Screen Actors Guild Awards (or SAG Awards) ceremony.

But amazingly, The ceremony will not be streamed on the Netflix app, but on the platform’s YouTube channel. However, from 2024, the live streaming rights to the event will generally move to the Netflix app, effectively making it exclusive to service subscribers. To date, while the SAG Awards have always been broadcast by American broadcasters TBS and TNT, their broadcasts to the rest of the world have been decidedly choppy and connected. partnerships It is signed from year to year and from country to country.

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SAG Awards they are definitely not as important as Oscar Or the Golden Globes, that’s for sure, but they’re still the hugely popular awards given by the Hollywood actors’ guild that serve as a thermometer for the Oscars, which are usually held in early March. in one Declaration Published in Variety, Netflix TV Director Bela Bajaria explained”The SAG Awards are loved by the creative community and audience, and now even more fans will be able to see them around the worldcongratulating their players Favorites“.

Indeed, the novelty of the multi-year deal between the organizers of the event and Netflix, I finally The SAG Awards will be published worldwide alive, just like the Oscars and the Golden Globes. Always Bajaria later in the ceremony”Streaming live on Netflix”suggests that live events will come to the streaming service more often in the future.

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