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Why is this town in Calabria a popular destination for rabbis from all over the world?

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Did you know that there is a region in Calabria that has become a favorite destination for many? Hasidic rabbis the whole world? Let’s see why better.

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In addition to being the site of one of the oldest oak trees in Italy, it is used to prepare the Jewish pilgrimage festival every summer. SukkotHasidic rabbis they go to the small Calabrian village of Santa Maria del Cedro to manually select the best lemon fruit for them lullabyor a certain moment during prayer when they will be swayed with some branches.

The cedar plant, which the Torah describes as “the fruit of the most beautiful tree”, must have come to this area about 2000 years ago The Jewish community defines Calabria in its purest form, although following Jewish immigration and having more than one variety all over the world.

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For about two weeks each year, English, Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish-speaking rabbis and their families surround the orchards. These, with the help of local farmers, they examine and analyze the fruit in search of the perfect citron.

Indeed, as Angelo Adduci, president of the Cedar of Calabria Consortium, puts it: “Summer has always been a special time, as long as I can remember, why then the rabbis come to visit us” and adds further: “These visits are family memories not just for me, but for everyone in town, and Rabbi Lazar is like an uncle to me. Part of our childhood and happy

Therefore, after finally uncovering the true origins of Calabria, it is clear how this often underestimated land has been preserved in the literal sense of the word. full of must-know mysteries and curiosities and deepen.

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Source: Every Eye

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