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A file exchange interrupted US air traffic for almost 12 hours

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Yesterday we talked about the IT problem affecting air traffic in the USA. due to a Notams system issue It allows the sending of bulletins containing the necessary information for departure.

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Hacker attack preventedInitial investigations by the FAA, as originally assumed by many, showed that the nearly 12-hour blockade affecting air traffic in the United States would result from 1,300 flight cancellations and 10,000 more flight delays. human mistake.

Judging by what has emerged, incorrectly replacing one file with another by an engineer He would be responsible for what has been described as one of the most significant aircraft outages since September 11, 2001. A source speaking to ABC explained that the error could occur during maintenance operations where an engineer would replace one file with another. without realizing the mistake

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This human error caused a complete blackout in the Notams system. Even if a mistake is goodwill as one official put it, “cost the country millions of dollars”.

Meanwhile, American President Joe Biden has ordered an investigation to shed light on the matter.

Source: Every Eye

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