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Microsoft 365 expands, Basic subscription arrives: 100GB OneDrive for 2 euros

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A few months after the launch of the new Microsoft 365 application, the Redmond giant announces new Microsoft 365 Basic plan It will be available with the new application from January 30, 2023, characterized by lower cost and various advantages.

Microsoft 365 Basic actually costs 2 euros per month (or 20 Euros per year) and 100GB of OneCloud storage, which means completely ad-free when using the web version of Outlook. But that’s not all, because in the announcement Microsoft also explains that those who decide to subscribe to this subscription will receive:

  • Additional security features such as encrypting Outlook data, scanning attachments, and checking for suspicious links
  • Additional features for OneDrive such as Personal Vault, password protected and expired connections, ransomware data recovery, and bulk file storage
  • Additional technical support for apps and Windows 11 via phone or online chat

This is the new plan will in no way replace the free version of Microsoft 365will continue to be available. Both personal plans at €69.99 per year (or €6.99 per month) remain unchanged, providing access to the full productivity suite on multiple devices and 1 terabyte of space on OneDrive.

Instead, Microsoft 365 Basic will replace OneDrive’s 100GB option.

Source: Every Eye

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