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A multi-billion-dollar telescope being discussed to find aliens

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The James Webb Space Telescope is an extraordinary instrument that will be used to make discoveries that will be remembered forever for years to come, but NASA is already looking ahead and has recently billion-dollar new telescope designed to find alien life.

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There is even talk of such a project. Will seek life on Earth-like planets already in the early 40s. For now, we know the observatory will be called the Habitable Earth Observatory (HWO), according to Mark Clampin, Director of the NASA Astrophysics Division.

Other than that it will be designed from scratch, we don’t have much information. upgraded with robotic vehicles in space. Like the agency’s JWST, the HWO will orbit at a Lagrange point around the Sun. So far, several proposals have been made for the US space agency’s new “life-seeking” instrument, including a 4-meter mirror telescope in a single segment called HabEx. and a 15-metre multi-section observatory called LUVOIR.

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Meanwhile, the exoplanet hunting observatory Nancy Grace Roman Observatory should launch around 2027. An instrument to be released in 2040 is now pure speculation.

Source: Every Eye

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