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NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution is here: HD video without fiber?

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After months of preparing for its launch and adding support for RTX Video Super Resolution in Edge and Chrome, NVIDIA has finally released its highly anticipated video upscaling tool, whose compatibility extends beyond the current generation, via a driver update.

The update actually concerns both the newly born RTX 40 Series and the previous series represented by the RTX 30 Series. upscaling of video content played Through Deep Learning your PC will increase the resolution compared to the source by filling in the “missing” pixels through reconfiguration mediated by the green team model, as in DLSS in the headers that support it.

So for the leather of the cuff, Nvidia It has managed to keep its promise of launch by February 2023, satisfying fans who can’t wait to try this innovation on gaming and entertainment machines.

about to obtain RTX Video Super Resolution just update drivers Nvidia Game Ready Upgrade to version 531.18 and after installing open NVIDIA Control Panel. You can find the new option in the category. Videoto the sound Adjust video display settingsin a new special box.

You need to tick to enable the option Super Resolution and give “Apply” in the bottom right, but that’s not all: in fact, you can also manage the quality you want from this upgrade, which is indicated in the bottom dropdown with numbers 1 to 4, Where 4 represents the best possible quality and therefore the biggest resource expenditure on the GPU side as well.

Users with video cards of the last two generations, especially those who find themselves in complex network coverage contexts, will benefit most and enhance their viewing experience on the most popular content. Video streaming platforms accessible from Chrome and Edge browsers.
This is a very interesting innovation and definitely an extra weapon for the green team buffs, which adds to another excellent news for players because updating DLSS to the latest version and performing will soon be easier.

Source: Every Eye

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