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Fifth season of Drive To Survive, dedicated to Formula 1, debuts on Netflix

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Fans of Formula 1 and motorsport in general will be happy to know. The fifth season of the documentary Drive To Survive is finally on the Netflix platformand this time it will aim to strike a greater balance between dramatic moments and insights dedicated to world-class driving.

After four narratively volatile seasons, with stories often overly fictionalized or dramatized, Season 5 of Drive To Survive therefore promises more stabilityand will typically adopt a more familiar atmosphere and focus on exploring personalities on and off the track.

Therefore, the season consists of: 10 episodes highlighting the key points of the 2022 Formula 1 seasonBeginning with Ferrari’s victory in the first race in Bahrain, but not only: it will be the place to learn about the background behind the formidable one-man jumping horse that failed to win the championship by going through the friendly match between. Gunther Steiner and Mattia Binotto at Fiat Cinquecentor until the case of Oscar Piastri, the pilot that sparked the controversy between Alpine and McLaren.

Finally, let’s remember that little has been said about the Dutch driver despite Max Verstappen winning the title because after his first season explicitly asked not to appear in documentariesor given that some of their explanations are fictionalized and mutilated to increase competition that is not really that relevant.

Speaking of motorsports, take a look at all the 2023 Formula 1, MotoGP and SBK GPs broadcast on Sky Sports.

Source: Every Eye

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