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Meta-SIAE, sarcastic Q&A: “He wanted a 310% increase”

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The sarcastic debate between Meta and SIAE. The discussion ended before the decision to remove music from Facebook once again came out. Parliamentary and Senate Culture Commissions Listening to Salvatore Nastasi, President of SIAE, and Angelo Mazzetti, Director of Meta.

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Nastas, “Those at Meta acted like a North Korean dictator, we asked for data and they didn’t want to give it to us. During the negotiation they told us ‘If you don’t accept our terms by 18:00 today, all Italian content will be removed’.”.

Not sweet accusations and nicknames, but a brief retelling of what happened next: Nastasi said: Meta’s SIAE content license expired on 16 December.but right now”There is still unlicensed content on the platform. And they continued to operate without a license until the day the negotiations broke down ten days ago.”.

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When the license expires, the SIAE administrator The company sat at the table to renew the contractsbut did not receive the required data for the refresh.

Angelo Mazzetti, Meta’s head of corporate affairs, responded by stating: “As stated, we have not decided to unilaterally end the negotiations. The license expired on December 15, 2022 and we have been in touch since last August to renew the contract. Due to the nature of the amount requested by Siae, which was originally 4 times the agreed amount by 2022, the negotiation was interrupted without any justification while the license fees were largely the same.”. The representative of the social network emphasized how the American company. did everything possible to keep the negotiation aliveIt offers a higher bid than the royalties previously agreed with the SIAE until 2022.

The commodity observes that it has its own name. Increased bid while trying to meet SIAE’s demands which, however,Refused to accept any offer lower than +310% raise. We are not willing to close deals that are economically and market unreasonable.”.

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Mazzetti noted that an agreement with SIAE is a priority for Meta, and that its cataloging is due precisely to respect for intellectual property, but also because “SIAE’s refusal to accept the extension of the previous agreement to continue negotiations. We could not tolerate the use of the Siae repertoire without an existing license and therefore without the permission and fee of the authors. We disabled the music in the siae repertoire precisely to protect the rights of artists in Italy.

Source: Every Eye

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