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What should you do if your Android smartphone is not updating? some possibilities

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In addition to the functions that are underestimated in choosing a smartphone, software support is also an important element, but the device may encounter some problems due to the most different reasons.installing updates.

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There are three aspects we would like to suggest you consider, and the first two are strictly non-invasive.

This first stepActually, what we recommend you to do when you encounter problems with your smartphone is, restart and try again.

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Once we’ve done that and verified that the problem persists, we can move on to the evaluation of the second aspect, i.e. Available space. go up Settings and then up storage space and take a look at the remaining memory. If necessary, try to free up enough space, at least relative to the MB required by the update (in this regard, we recommend that you take a look at our advice on how to free up space with Google Photos).

The last approach will only be used like this: last resortadhere to factory resetbut for that we recommend our guide dedicated to restoring and resetting your Android smartphone.
We only advise you to pay attention to this issue, because your important data will need to be saved first before you set out on this road. refills.

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