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Paramount + also in Italy at half price for three months

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If you’re looking to stream Top Gun Maverick or want to view other content of this type, you might be interested to know:Promotion initiative linked to Paramount+.

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The issue started to be noticed abroad with an article in The Verge stating that new customers can purchase a half price subscription for a period of three months, but we can confirm this. Something is happening in Italy too. In fact, as you can see from the screenshots accompanying the news, some users received an e-mail message about the promotion attempt.

The second, intended for those who have at least tried Paramount+ in the past but do not currently have an active subscription, reads: “50% discount for the next three months if you reactivate your subscriptionSimply put, this cuts the price of the streaming service in half for a few months.

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The e-mail from interested users then becomes even more specific: “The offer includes a monthly subscription at the discounted price: 3.99 Euros per month for the first three monthsand then switch to the price of 7.99 euros per monthThe offer will be valid until June 4, 2023 and could be a good opportunity for those who want to use the streaming service again.

Source: Every Eye

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