While optical illusions try to fool our eyes, we also have a number of visual puzzles where you basically have to find a pattern that is different from most.

These types of puzzles are a way of training our braina strategy to keep the brain awake by getting it out of its comfort zone while improving our analytical and critical thinking skills.

However, it has already been shown that these types of visual tasks help us improve our problem-solving skills and therefore make us more intelligent, so now you certainly have enough desire to complete this new task. mystery visual, which only 3% can solve within the first seconds.

And despite the fact that only 3% of people can solve this riddle in the first 10 seconds, we already tell you that it is not exactly difficult if you are a very detail-oriented person.


Before giving you the solution, we want to give you some hints to make it easier for you and from there we will start the 10 second countdown of the puzzle. visual.

Well, the tip we want to give you is that “you should only look at the snowflakes and each of their geometric shapes.”

From here you have 10 seconds to find a self-styled snowflake that is different from the others.

Launches the game!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0. Time’s up! weather!.

Surely you managed to find a self-proclaimed snowflake:

Imposter snowflake number 6.

This is because the number 6, the central star, has six dots instead of the five dots of the other snowflake stars.

As we said, you needed to look at geometric shapes, and if you started comparing the central stars, surely you were one of those 3% of people who solved the problem in their first 10 seconds.