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From the status of athletes to the fight against doping: how the European Parliament wants to value and protect the European esports industry

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Cybersport in the field of view of the European Parliament

Philippe BUISSEN

Cybersport in the field of view of the European Parliament

Philippe BUISSEN

Less than half an hour later, on November 10, MEPs approved a resolution on the world of video games and electronic sports (e-sports) in the European Parliament. This vote was the next step after a report was released in October containing recommendations for this ecosystem in Europe.

According to statistics, 52% of the European population plays video games. Considering the size of the market, which is worth 23.3 billion euros in Europe, this resolution of the European Parliament calls for an approach that values ​​video games as a creative industry with an opportunity for cultural advancement, but also allows for the economic development of the sector to be stimulated. Between the lines, there is still a request that video games be seen as a “social activity” and that the “stigmatization” that affects the industry and that is “still widespread in society” must be fought.

The resolution, which will now be submitted to the European Council and the European Commission, does not only concern video games, but also makes several recommendations regarding a phenomenon that has grown over the past few years, eSports. Also known as electronic sports, world-class competitions have become known, where big prizes are at stake for the best teams, in tournaments where FIFA or Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

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Source: Observador

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