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Naomi Biden’s wedding and the 80th anniversary of the president: a party was held at the White House over the weekend

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Presidential couple Joe and Jill Biden with fiancé and fiancee Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

2022 Adam Schultz/White House

Presidential couple Joe and Jill Biden with fiancé and fiancee Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

2022 Adam Schultz/White House

The wedding took place at the White House, the 19th in its history. It was there that Naomi Biden, the eldest granddaughter of President Joe Biden, decided to marry Peter Neal this Saturday morning. Although the wedding took place in one of the most famous residences in the world, the ceremony was private and outdoors, on the south lawn of the house, in the presence of about 250 guests. The Biden family spent the entire weekend in celebration mode as the president turned 80 this Sunday.

“It was a joy to watch Naomi grow up, find out who she is and light up an incredible life for herself,” her grandparents, Joe and Jill Biden, said in a statement quoted by the New York Times. “We are now proud that you have chosen Peter as your husband and we are honored to welcome him into our family. We wish them days full of laughter and love that grows every year,” the text continued. The invitations to the wedding were sealed with the President’s seal and read, “The President and Dr. George.” Biden asks for the honor of attending his granddaughter’s wedding…

Both grooms were dressed in the creations of the American designer Ralph Lauren. Naomi Biden opted for a princess cut lace wedding dress with a wide flared skirt and ivory long sleeves. The groom opted for a navy blue three-piece suit.

The ceremony was followed by a dinner and a party for the whole family at the White House. A gala reception with a ball in the main dining room is also set aside for the evening. This was told by a CNN correspondent in the White House. Photos of the ceremony on Twitter🇧🇷

Naomi, 28, is the daughter of Hunter Biden, the president’s second son, by his first wife, Kathleen Boulet. The couple have been divorced since 2017. Biden’s first granddaughter inherited the name of the president’s daughter, who died in a car accident with her mother in 1972. This granddaughter has a special role to play since, according to the NYT, she was the one who brought the family together to encourage her grandfather to run for president in 2019. The groom, Peter Neil, is 25 years old.

The White House said the Biden family was responsible for all expenses. The couple lives together on the third floor of the presidential residence with their dog Charlie.

Before that, 18 marriages had already been recorded in the White House, but Naomi Biden is the first granddaughter of the president to marry there. For this party wedding planner it was Brian Rafanelli, a well-known party planner who also catered for Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding and made Christmas decorations for Michelle Obama at the White House.

This Sunday, the Biden family party continues with the 80th birthday of the president, whose age has already brought him some records, for example, he is the oldest president of the United States, as well as the first octogenarian in the Oval Office, recalls the NYT. Despite these numbers, he himself has said he will reveal his future plans early next year, citing his intention to run again for President of the United States of America.

Source: Observador

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