If you are experiencing stress at work or in life in general, Tension and stress can manifest physically in the body in different ways., from headaches to digestive problems. A proven method of relieving muscle tension is massage.

And one more face exercise: a recent study showed that facial muscle exercises can improve our mental health, mood and reduce stress levels after hours of computer work.

In particular, eyebrow massage is useful for headaches. This ancient technique is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). we’re not talking about makeup, put up none of Depilation today, but eyebrow massage.

Before doing eyebrow massage at home, it is important to consider the three main points of the eyebrows: head, body and tail. The head, known as the Zan Zhu point in traditional Chinese medicine, is located at the beginning of the eyebrows, towards the center of the face.

How to give an eyebrow massage similar to waxing

The body kit, known as Yuyao in traditional Chinese medicine, also deals with all of the above, as well as eyelid twitching. While the tail, known as the Xi Zhu Kong point in traditional Chinese medicine, helps relieve visual headaches.

One of the techniques used to perform brow massage is called brow plucking. Marma points can be compared to acupressure points used in traditional Chinese medicine. They claim that in addition to relieving stress and headaches, brow trimming also promotes detoxification and improves blood circulation.

While every headache is different, you should focus on the three main points on your forehead.. For outer brows, they say use a mild facial oil or serum to gently glide along the brow bone from the bridge of your nose to your temples using your index finger.

We are used to talking about eyebrows on topics like makeup or hair removal, so it’s not common to refer to this part of our face as a place where we can massage ourselves. Try it, it’s worth it.