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The earthquake in Indonesia has claimed the lives of more than 160 people. Hundreds injured

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The death toll from the earthquake in the Indonesian province of West Java has risen to 162. Hundreds of people were injured, more than 13 thousand people were left homeless. About this with reference to the governor of the province of Ridvan Kamil reports Reuters. According to preliminary information from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are no foreigners among the victims, spokeswoman for Czech diplomacy Mariana Vernerova told CTC. The previous balance of 5.6 aftershocks was 62 dead and 700 injured.

The epicenter of the earthquake was ten kilometers below the city of Chianjur, which is located about 75 kilometers southeast of the metropolis of Jakarta. Herman Sucherman, a government official in Chianjur, said earlier that people are still trapped among the rubble of collapsed buildings. There is no electricity in the city, and landslides prevent people from evacuating in some areas.

Medics treated hundreds of injured people in the hospital parking lot, some also in an emergency tent, Reuters said. According to him, ambulances continued to come to the hospital late at night and bring more and more wounded. Elsewhere in Chianjur, residents were huddled on outdoor mats or in tents, the agency said, with surrounding buildings virtually in ruins.

“Most of the dead are children,” AP quoted Ridvan Kamil as saying. According to the official, many of them were public school students who received additional education in Islamic schools. According to him, the number of victims may increase.

The BNPB Disaster Management Authority is still reporting 62 casualties and rescuers are trying to help 25 people trapped under rubble, Reuters reported.

Within two hours of the earthquake, the local geological bureau recorded 25 aftershocks. Officials have warned that there is a risk of landslides, especially if there are heavy rains in the area.

The tremors were also felt in the capital Jakarta, where people ran out of offices when they felt buildings shake and saw furniture move. According to experts, there is no danger of a tsunami.

Earthquake in Indonesia claims two dozen lives, 300 injured

Source: Blesk

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