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One person died and 16 were injured after a car crashed into the window of an Apple store in the US.


One person died and 16 others were injured when an SUV crashed into an Apple store window in the US state of Massachusetts today. The police are investigating the incident. According to AP, she did not say if it was an accident.

The incident took place in Hingham, near Boston. The driver of the car is being questioned by the police. However, she did not give his name or the names of the victims. The district attorney did not say whether the driver would be charged with the crime, but added that a criminal investigation was ongoing. writes the agency AR.

A car crashed into a shop window near Boston, killing one person and injuring 16. | Reuters

There’s a big hole in the shop window where a dark SUV drove into. Rescuers arrived at the scene shortly after the accident before 11:00 local time. According to the Boston television channel WCVB-TV, the SUV stopped at the back of the store, and the driver had to be pulled out of the car.

“You would have to really pick up speed to be in the warehouse at the back of the store,” This was reported to The Patriot Ledger by Frank O’Brien, who shopped on the site.

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