A few years ago, receptionist became the first dog stories in drive. No cheating or cardboard: Porter really drove the car in a vicious circle, and even turned 180 degrees and stopped. Also incredible put the gears. You can see it in the introductory video of the news. But some things need to be explained.

Idea learn dog drive It seems very extravagant, but there is an explanation for this. He has been involved with the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) campaign.

The idea was that the abandoned and mistreated dogs that this society collects very smart animals and with willing to learn, even capable of drive. So they deserve the chance to be adopted. Each year, the SPCA picks up over 37,000 homeless animals off the streets and finds them homes.

As an advertising campaign to create an effect, it’s very good, but it’s one thing to have an idea and another to bring it to life…

Dog driving training

To reach this milestone, SPCA trained three dogs: Monty, Ginny and receptionistwithin two months from specialized trainer.

To make this possible, they divided driving into ten main tasks: shift into gear, brake, accelerate, turn left and right, etc. The dogs learned these tasks separately, associated with a specific command from their handler. This alone already has many advantages.

for domestic dog Can the tripWe have to adapt the car. As we see in the video steering wheel has a rough finish to keep your feet from slipping. Functions such as setting the car to the mark are a button, not a key, and to get to the brake and pedals, they had to adapt a pulsating mechanism to the legs.

Training completed, testing in progress. what kindDoes Porter the dog drive or not?? It depends on how you interpret it. Technically yes. It is he who presses the gas pedal, turns the steering wheel in a turn and brakes to park.

But he only does it because His trainer gives him orders with a task to be done constantly.. Dog Porter can’t drive he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He only executes the commands he tells his trainer to put his paw here, move his paws to the side to turn around, etc.

However, training is of great importance because learning so many different tasks is not easy. And it’s amazing how a dog stays still and calm while driving, just like a human.

In any case, this is the first video dog driving a carmade a big impression a few years ago and achieved his goal: to demonstrate how smart, obedient and prone to learning abandoned dogs. Why not take one?