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Devastating earthquake in Indonesia: 252 dead, many children in ruins

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The death toll from Monday’s earthquake on the Indonesian island of Java rose to 252, the local government said on Instagram today, Reuters reported. 31 people are listed as missing, 377 others were injured. The previous balance was 162 dead. According to preliminary information from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are no foreigners among the victims, spokeswoman for Czech diplomacy Mariana Vernerova told CTC.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a depth of ten kilometers below the city of Tsianzhur, which is located about 75 km southeast of the Jakarta metropolitan area. Herman Sucherman, a government official in Chianjur, said earlier that people are still trapped among the rubble of collapsed buildings. There is no electricity in the city.

Medics treated hundreds of wounded in the hospital parking lot, some also in an emergency tent., according to Reuters. Elsewhere in Chianjur, he said, residents huddled on mats in the open or in tents, with surrounding buildings practically in ruins.

Within two hours of the earthquake, the local geological bureau recorded 25 aftershocks. Officials warned that there is a risk of landslides, especially if it’s raining heavily in the area.

Tremors were also felt in the capital Jakarta, where people ran out of offices. when they felt buildings shake and saw furniture move. According to experts, there is no danger of a tsunami.

Indonesia, made up of 17,000 islands and islets and populated by 270 million people, it lies at the junction of three major tectonic plates and earthquakes are frequent in the area. In January 2021, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the island of Sulawesi claimed more than a hundred lives.

Source: Blesk

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