There are few things we like more than a good map. It can already be geographical or political, it can even be curiosities (something very common in this magazine, where we really like them). BUT map it’s a map, and it’s always interesting to look at how we see the world.

When we feel trapped in a small habit in a small town lost in the hands of God, there is nothing better than pulling out a map of the world and seeing how gigantic our planet is and how small our problems are compared to it.

for this today we present you with a map of the world that represents something you have never seen before: what are the most searched words on Wikipedia in every country on planet Earth. That is, in this single card we have more than 100 words: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico…

The authorship of this map is unknown, but it came to light thanks to Reddit, where the map-loving subreddit (/MapPorn) this week posted a lucky map with the most common search terms on Wikipedia.

You do not expect news from Mexico and Argentina

The map (click here to see it in full resolution) has all the countries in the world with their unique words. Because we are not talking about the searched word itself, but the searched word of the country itself, since there are terms that exist only in one country or are typical for it.

For example, in Mexico the most frequently searched word is “indigenous”, in the US it is “indigenous”, in China it is “dynasty”, and in Argentina it is “Peronist”. As you can see, these are terms that, although they are known all over the world, have an undoubted influence in these countries.

In Spain, about which you are probably wondering what it is, we have the word “autonomy”.something logical when we are a country divided by Autonomous Communities and the autonomous system is rarely found outside our borders.

In Australia it’s “mainland”, in South Africa it’s “apartheid”, and in England it’s “Royalty”. As you can see, there is no error in this world map, all terms are as expected, right?