It’s actually an electric bike. Decathlon Elops 500 costs less than 1660 euros, half the price of many competitors. At least if we look at all their equipment.

Also, you have to downgrade 10 euro gift which the company gives you for purchases over 60 euros.

You can finance it with 0% APR and also if you are not sure you can return free of charge until January 31, 2023.

Decathlon Elops 500

For frame and handlebar lifetime warranty while they give you 3 years of coverage for electronic components and loose parts.

If you buy this model, Decathlon also gives you a free review free for the first 6 months at the store of your choice.

Elops 500 has removable electric battery with cells manufactured by Samsung (which weigh only 3 kg!) and a hub-type motor manufactured by Vision Industry.

It’s an impressive bike thanks to its matte finish, but it’s also quite light in weight: 23 kg with battery included, almost like a non-electrified bike.

The 504 Wh battery will give you autonomy up to 60 kilometers in the most demanding mode (with the most electric support) and 115 kilometers in the so-called economy mode with 70 percent recharge.

More Decathlon Elops 500 technical details

You can also turn off the engine and it has practical walking mode, with a little help when you need to get off the bike and move it to the side.

You will be able to control all parameters related to pedaling or speed with small screen which you will find on the steering wheel.

In addition, it is sold with a second charger, which allows full charge in 7 hours. According to the manufacturer, it can withstand 500 guaranteed charge cycles without loss of autonomy.

Among its useful accessories is a USB socket with which you can charge your mobile phone if you are on a rut, or its luggage rack allowing you to install a child seat up to 27 kg, or a footrest so you can leave it. parked safely.

If you look at his technical data sheet, you will see that he is “well-shod”: he rides 28 inch wheels and TEKTRO V-Brake type brakes.

Single disc bottom bracket with 6-speed B’Twin gearbox and shimano sprockets ТЗ500-6.

According to the manufacturer, the 1×8 synchronized transmission reduces weight and facilitates change speed with one hand.

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