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Shooting at a gay club in Colorado. A war veteran who went into “combat mode” disarmed his attacker and prevented multiple deaths.

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Richard Fierro, 45

Denver Post via Getty Images

Richard Fierro, 45

Denver Post via Getty Images

It was the first time that Richard Fierro was in a nightclub watching drag show – a popular type of show performed by performers thrust when he started to hear gunshots. The war veteran was at the Q Club in Colorado last Saturday when an assailant shot several people, killing five people (including his daughter’s boyfriend) and injuring 18.

Shooting in a gay bar in the US: five people were killed and 18 were injured. The suspect is a 22-year-old man.

Fierro, who was at a nightclub with his wife, daughter, her boyfriend and a few friends, was seized by the instincts he had acquired during his mobilization in Iraq and Afghanistan, as he describes in an interview with the New York Times, and rushed his attacker, disarmed him and hit him with his own weapon. “I don’t know exactly what I did, I just went into combat mode”, remember. Thanks to the veteran, the attack lasted only a few minutes, and his quick reaction prevented several deaths.

Upon entering the nightclub, the assailant started with a shotgun blast, which he dropped after Fierro threw it to the ground and jumped on top of him, preventing him from escaping. When he realized that the man also had a gun, he pulled it out of his hand and hit him several times on the head. ordering the customer to grab the shotgun and kick it in the face until thrust stepped on his back with high heels🇧🇷

When the police arrived at the scene, the attacker did not try to free himself. Fierro was covered in blood and held a pistol in his hand. The authorities handcuffed him and locked him in the official car for more than an hour, fearing that he was a threat. All this time the veteran did not know how his relatives and friends were doing. The next day they received word that daughter’s boyfriend, Raymond Green Vance, who disappeared amid the “chaos” of the night of the attack, was shot to death🇧🇷 “My girl screamed and I cried with her.”

Richard Fierro served 15 years in the Army and was awarded two medals for his service. Today, he and his wife own the Atrevida Beer Co. which has already received several awards in the field of tourism and entrepreneurship.

Source: Observador

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