Mission Artemis I belonging POT is about to reach Moon. One of his goals was to free cubesat Japanese OMOTENASHIwhich was to become smallest ship to land on the moon. But this cannot be: JAXA has lost contact with him, and he is considered lost.

NASA’s Artemis I mission aims to take a ship with several mannequins loaded with sensors to the Moon with the goal of measure radiation and the forces that astronauts will experience.

Ship Orion it will circle the moon several times and return in a few days. On this NASA website you can see in real time where it is now. At the time of writing this news, she was 62,000 kilometers from the moon.

Japanese Artemis I mission failed

In addition to the main mission, the Orion spacecraft performs various international missions. transports three cubesats from NASA itself, from the Italian space company Argotec and from the Japanese space agency JAXA.

A cubesat is a shoebox-sized satellite that can perform a variety of tasks. cubesat japanese called OMOTENASHIan acronym for “Extraordinary Lunar Exploration Technologies Demonstrated by Semi-Solid Nanoimpactor”, but is also a Japanese word meaning “hospitality”, “gentleness”, or “mindfulness”.

cubesat omenasi He was the first to leave Orion’s ship because he was the only one with a very important goal: land on the moon.

omenasi it has a cubic part, and at the top is something like an inflatable ball, as you can see in the initial photo of the news. Upon landing, the balloon inflates, the cubic part separates, and the small capsule lands softly on the Moon. Here you can see the sequence:

Unfortunately, the Japanese space agency JAXA, was confirmed that moments before the start of the landing sequence, they lost contact with OMOTENASHI, and they no longer hope to restore it.

The failure of the mission is a blow to Japan, which aspired to become fifth country to land a probe on the moonafter the USA, Russia, China and India.

It is also a disappointment for science in general, because OMOTENASHI had an important mission: to prove cheap lunar landing system so that small probes can deliver materials to the moon. This will be the key moment when the first lunar colony is established.

probe Japanese OMOTENASHI failed to complete his mission Artemis Ibut the main mission goes without incident, and the other two cubesat he bears waiting to start his mission. None of them will land on Moon.