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Majority of Americans oppose Trump’s possible return to the White House

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Nearly six in 10 American voters think former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid a week ago will hurt the country, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

The poll, however, showed “mixed signals,” according to Tim Mallow, an analyst at this private university in Connecticut.

Mallow specified that 57% of Americans do not want Trump to return to the White House. but nearly half of respondents think a second Republican term is likely🇧🇷

In addition, 88% of Democrats and 58% of independent voters believe that the return of Trump (2017-2021) will be bad for the country, while 62% of Republicans believe that it will be good.

Additionally, 55% of Americans believe that Trump has had a mostly negative impact on the Republican Party, but among Republicans, 70% believe it has been positive.

Approximately 35% of Americans support the iconic Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. slogan Trump’s campaign means “Make America Great Again”, and this sympathy among Republicans reaches 79%.

However, a study by Quinniapac showed that the next presidential election is almost two years away. voters are not particularly enthusiastic about any of the potential candidates🇧🇷

A similar discrepancy was found in the poll when it comes to the Democratic Party and incumbent President Joe Biden: 68% of all voters do not want Biden to run for re-election, compared to 51% of Democrats who want him to be the nominee. Biden has 38% positive and 52% negative opinions, while Trump has 37% for and 54% against.

This poll polled 1,589 adults across the country, including 1,402 registered voters, from November 16 to 20, and the result has a margin of error of 2.5 points.

Another survey conducted in the USA called former President Donald Trump the biggest loser in the recent midterm electionsin which he openly supported some of the more conservative GOP candidates and who were defeated.

According to a demographic survey conducted by the Harvard CAPS-Harris Center exclusively for The Hill newspaper, 20% of respondents believe that Trump was the biggest loser in the November 8 election. Behind him with 15% is the entire Democratic Party.

Similarly, the candidates most closely associated with Trump, known as “MAGA Republicans”, are also considered the biggest losers by 14% of respondents.

Also, 12% of respondents called a group of Republican candidates the biggest disappointment of the evening. 23%, however, admitted that they did not have a clear position and chose not to choose any of the options.

“Trump comes out of the election a much weaker candidate for re-election than he was before the re-election,” poll co-director Mark Penn said, noting that the former president had declared his support for a group of “losing candidates.” “.

The mid-term elections were held on November 8 and resulted in the retention of the majority of the Democratic Party in the Senate, which was an unexpected result, especially for some Republicans, who, despite having managed to control the House of Representatives, did not indicate a “red wave”. (party color) that Trump predicted.

Source: Observador

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