quick call today the focus is on picture It’s like an everyday scene on a rainy day. But something doesn’t add up.

The tiktoker who shared it guarantees that only 1% of people know how to decipher mystery, but that seems too exaggerated. It’s actually quite simple. Do you dare to try?

This is a visual challenge that tests your powers of observation. This is a simple comic book drawing. everyday scene on a rainy day.

We see several people with umbrellas waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain. But something strange is happening. you have 10 seconds to find out:

The first thing that catches your eye is that some people holding an umbrella are in a puddle. They are wet.

This is not uncommon, there may be wind and rain can change direction or go from side to side. keep searching…

Solving the problem of rapid rain

The key, as you almost certainly guessed, is woman in red what’s on the right the only one without an umbrella. Although it looks like he is holding it, it is actually the one that belongs to the man from behind.

And here is the solution: despite the lack of an umbrella, he doesn’t get wetsince he does not have puddles on his legs like the rest.

But there is an alternative, more original solution: there are those who say that the strangeness of the scene lord of the gray umbrella what’s in the background floats. Does it really float, or is it a prospect?

As you can see, the puzzle is not difficult, even if 10 Seconds time.

quick calls

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Are optical illusions, visual problems D Problems it has in common how fast it is to complete them. Train your mind to keep it in shape by devoting just a few minutes to our quick calls. Luck!