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Herve Renard, the “white wizard” who beat Argentina and continues to write golden pages, ahead of the national teams.

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“I don’t think we’re moving on to the next stage, but we’re here to fight the odds🇧🇷 There are surprises at the World Championships, and we have such a mentality.” A day before the meeting with Argentina, in the opening game of Group C of the World Cup in Qatar, Herve Renard did not hide his goal, even if few people believed him: Saudi Arabia wanted to leave a mark on the tournament – like winning one of the mega-favorites to win the Jules Rimet Cup – even if they fail to play more than three games in the tournament.

On Tuesday, the day after the announcements, the team from the largest Arab country on the Asian continent became the first big surprise of the competition, with a 2-1 victory over Leo Messi’s Alviseleste further boosting the legacy of the Frenchman, known as the “white magician”who has his second World Cup experience at the age of 54.

Small in clubs, giant in national teams

Renard’s career in football did not start on the bench. He tried to fulfill his dream of becoming a football player and partnered with Zinedine Zidane at Cannes🇧🇷 According to ABC, life with one of the best players ever made him realize he didn’t have the qualities to play football. As a manager, you can also talk about two versions of the same person: Renard, who is not a big deal, coaching medium and small French clubs, and Renard, who does not stop creating pages of history before various elections.

Source: Observador

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