After joining Elon Musk in Twitterand the chaos it caused, many users decided leave the social network. A Twitter named David Pride came up with the idea of ​​building bye birda Blue bird wood under control Raspberry Pi what shed a tear every time someone leave twitter.

The idea is quite funny, but the most interesting thing is to see how he built it and how it works. I’m sure Elon Musk isn’t too surprised… or yes, because he loves memes a lot.

First, he cut the blue bird out of the logo Twitter on a piece of wood and painted it blue. Simple marquetry work.

Have you connected your Raspberry Pi 4 to a board capable of move button. This board is connected to tube with water and one syringewhich will let a tear into the eye hole.

Twitter bird cries for those who leave

Because the Raspberry Pi 4 It is also a mini computer capable of connecting to the Internet, what this user did was to connect online to Twitter API. This API, among other things, allows you to see hashtags that are moving around the web.

So you’ve just created a little program that says Raspberry Pi 4 release a drop of water from the syringe through the ear Blue bird from Twitterevery time the app sees a hashtag tweet #RIPTwitter.

This is the way to do it, although the idea has a weak point: so many people are erased at the same time that the tears become… continuous flow of water succeeded in ending the drought. You can see it at the end of this video where he shows the whole construction process. Bye bird:

A funny joke with a tragic twist as well. Because, as David Pride himself comments in the video, the idea came to him when he saw how all his friends have been removed from twitter.

The consolation of his fans is that Elon Musk he moves like a fish in water in the midst of chaos. After laying off half of the staff and laying off another 25%, Musk is left with a quarter of the employees who barely keep the network afloat. With huge holes that allowed, for example, to share movies and series for several days through tweets.

And to fight chaos, more chaos: Musk signed a contract with the mythical rebel hacker George Hotz, also known as Geohot, the first iPhone and PS3 hacker, who offered three months to fix it for free Twitter. A clash of ego with unpredictable consequences.

bye birdblue wooden bird controlled Raspberry Pi who sheds a tear every time someone leave twitter, It’s a funny metaphor for what’s going on. Let’s see if Elon Musk can swim.