black Friday it’s here. Many people wait for months to buy items that they are going to give away at Christmas or that they need in their daily lives. Compulsive shopping can be dangerous, especially for people with oniomaniaor shopping addiction.

Despite inflation, according to the OCU, the average spending of Spaniards in black Friday This will be 232 euros compared to 200 euros last year. Perhaps because many people did not spend money in previous months, waiting for discounts.

On the other hand, Idealista claims that 62% of Spaniards are planning to cut spending on Black Friday.

These are hard days for people prone to compulsive shopping. especially if they suffer oniomania or shopping addiction. ‘Cause everything is meant to be motivate you to buy.

What is oniomania

We live in a consumer and capitalist society, so we received cultural education from a young age, we watch TV or Internet advertising in order to shopping makes us happy.

This is normal and not a big problem…yes we are the ones who control the purchases, and not vice versa. If we’re on a budget, or perhaps hit a weak spot and over-purchase but bought what we need, it’s not an anomaly.

The problem is that people tend to Compulsive shoppingwho suffer from oniomania or shopping addiction.

oniomania is a disorder that causes the need to buy things on an ongoing basiseven if we don’t need them.

shopping addiction it makes you feel like you need to buy a certain thing, even if you don’t need or need it.

According to Infosalus 6% of people suffer from oniomaniabut this percentage can be up to 30% in young peopleespecially among women between the ages of 20 and 20.

The problem with this disorder is that those who suffer from it do not realizeThey believe that buying things on an ongoing basis is natural. Like gambling, it can destroy a family financially.

How Black Friday manipulates us into compulsive shopping

This problem increases with sales. Stores launch costly marketing campaigns where psychology comes into play to encourage this compulsive buying.

These campaigns use various tricks to make us believe that we are facing irresistible offerand what is about to end.

Buying online is easier

Previously, physical stores were a “brake” for shopping junkies. You had to travel, they were only open a third of the day, and face to face with the seller brought together ridiculous purchases or what you did not need because you were embarrassed to ask for it.

Nose online shoppingall barriers have been removed: you can buy whatever you want with one click, 24 hours a day and without the inquisitive eyes of salesmen… or your family members or your partner watching you.


One of the methods most commonly used in business is put a time limit on offers.

Elements such as a countdown, remaining units (there are always few of them) or an end date encourage you to buy as soon as possible:

This is an additional problem for people suffering oniomaniabecause his need to buy is matched by the urgency he demands.

This is something that is often used, especially in online stores.

Offers in bright red

Another fairly common trick is to add next to the price discount highlighted in red inside star or bright color:

black Friday

Compulsive shopping

Even if it’s just an offer of 5 or 10% or 50% on a cheap product, which hardly means a 3 or 4 euro discount, it highlights creates a sense of proposition.

You haven’t thought about buying a mini slot machine this Black Friday, but this 28% discount is very nice…why not treat yourself?

Installment payment without interest

This technique has appeared relatively recently, as it has become fashionable during the pandemic, and it is not going anywhere.

This is about installment purchase without interest: You divide the purchase into several monthly payments, and it does not cost you more:

black Friday

Compulsive shopping

This installment purchase encourages you buy more expensive products that you would never buy with cash, but that is acceptable as long as you only pay a small fee per month with no interest.

The problem is that when you accumulate several of these contributions, debt becomes a burden.

We want to make it clear that stores are not tempting oniomanic or shopping addicts with a bad idea. These Black Friday “gimmicks” are legitand even logical, if we are talking about the desire to sell as much as possible, that is why enterprises are created.

Things like buying interest-free installments are a great way to buy expensive items you need, like a washing machine or TV, without additional fees.

But it is important that people who are prone to Compulsive shoppingknow what’s in Black Friday they meet different manipulation methodsand they are the weakest when it comes to bypassing them.

Beware of scams

At this time, scammers also try to take advantage of the desire to buy.

Experts say the desire to find a good deal, rather than take it away from us, makes us let our guard down when it comes to check if the offer is trustworthy.

That’s why they breed on these dates fake stores that offer irresistible deals (you pay and they never show up), or phishing: scammers who pretend to be Amazon, FNAC or another popular company with a scandalous offer, and when you enter a (false) store, they steal your access or bank details.

How to behave on Black Friday if you suffer from oniomania

if you are suffering addition to shopping or tend to Compulsive shopping, recognizing that this is a big step towards overcoming this disorder. Most don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Experts recommend create a budget, and force yourself not to get out of it. It’s also very helpful list of things you needand buy only this.

Also cancel all cards and buy only card walletwhere you can only spend the money they contain.

Finally, remove yourself from all notifications or email offers from stores.

To avoid scams, only buy from reliable shops or the ones that are verified and keep an eye on the offers that come to you via email, whatsapp or sms. They are the most suspicious.

black Friday This is a difficult time for people who are suffering oniomania or shopping addiction. If they are not supervised, they may experience an episode Compulsive shopping really seriously. must know How stores manipulate us on Black Fridayto be able to fight them.