Science has advanced so far that it reaches situations as curious as these two. twins which were conceived in 1992but they only have a few days left to live. His foster father was only 5 years old when they were about frozen embryos. Are the oldest children in the world: has already 30 years.

Lydia D Timothy Ridgway They were born on October 31st. They’re less than a month old, so they’re officially babies. But their origin goes back 30 years, when they were conceived by their parents.

Many couples use the technique in vitro fertilization conceive a child when they cannot do so naturally. This technique may cause multiple babies born at the same time. Many couples choose to freeze some of these embryos in case they wish to have more children in the future, or donate them.

Frozen embryos can be implanted into another woman so that she can bear the pregnancy. This is what happened to Lydia D Timothy Ridgway, The oldest babies in history.

Usually frozen embryos They have a service life of 10 years, but have already been shown to last much longer.

So far, the oldest frozen embryo that has successfully developed was that of Molly Gibson, who was born in 2020 from an embryo that had been frozen for 27 years. Lydia and Timothy Ridgway broke the record because embryos they wore 30 years frozen.

His real parents remain anonymous. They were a man in his fifties and his wife, who was in her thirties.

How is the embryo frozen?

The embryos are sprayed with a compound that absorbs water from the cells before they are frozen. stored in a liquid nitrogen a 196 degrees below zero. They can stay that way for decades until they are implanted.

Near one million people born from frozen embryos.

This time difference between conception and birth gives rise to very curious situations. adoptive parents the oldest children in the world They have 4 more children aged 2 to 8, so the father, Philip Ridgway, says: “In a sense, these babies are our older children, even though they are our younger children.“. He is right…