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Landslide in resort paradise kills at least 7 people: bodies of 2 children and a newborn are found in ruins on the island of Ischia

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The number of confirmed victims of a landslide on the Italian island of Ischia has risen to seven. Among the dead, found today by rescuers, are two children, a newborn and an elderly woman, writes La Repubblica. The search continues for other missing persons, of which there are five, according to ANSA. The search will continue all night. ANSA previously reported that the dogs found an eighth victim, but this has not been officially confirmed.

ANSA also wrote that rescuers found two more victims, but so far have not been able to pull their bodies out of the mud. The dogs found what turned out to be the eighth corpse.

Despite the continuous work of two hundred rescuers and hundreds of volunteers, it was not possible to save four or five households. Only twenty people. They have no running water or electricity; they may have to stay one more night in their homes.

Among the missing are one family, consisting of parents and one minor, and two more people. This was announced by the prefect of Naples, Claudio Palomba. Eleanor Cirabella, 31, was the first confirmed victim. Rescuers have not released the names of other victims.

Rescue efforts by firefighters, police and civil protection continued throughout the night and day, despite the complications caused by the continued inclement weather. Late in the evening, the prefecture of Naples reduced the number of injured to five and increased the number of damaged houses to three dozen. The number of people evacuated from their homes has risen to 230.

Rescue efforts by firefighters, police and civil protection continued throughout the night and today, despite the complications caused by the continued inclement weather. More than 160 people have been evacuated, according to Italian media. The prefecture of Naples reported late on Saturday that 13 people were injured and 15 houses were damaged.

Exceptional condition in Ischia

This morning, the Italian government held an extraordinary meeting and declared a state of emergency in the region. and issued the first part of the two million euro (49 million kr) emergency aid.

On Saturday night, the Mediterranean island in the Gulf of Naples was hit by storms and heavy rains, causing severe damage, especially to the cities of Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno on the northern coast of Ischia.. A mixture of soil and stones rolled along the streets in places, several cars were swept into the sea.

The area has long been considered prone to landslides. However, according to experts, efforts to rectify the situation in recent years have been insufficient, according to DPA. The government also decided today to set up a working group to look for ways to reduce the risks of landslides.

Another problem is that on the island, in nearby Naples and its environs, and therefore in the whole of central Italian Campania, illegally constructed buildings are often erected.

Source: Blesk

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