Carlos I Spain and V Germany, emperor from Holy Roman EmpirePosted by one coded letter to my ambassador to France, in 1547, which even the most powerful software could not decipher. Nearly half a century later, the code has been cracked.

16th century king of Spain Carlos I he was the most powerful man in Europe, and perhaps in the whole world. In Europe he was known as Carlos B, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The empire had vast territories in Spain, America, Italy, Northern and Eastern Europe, including Holland, Germany, Austria, etc.

At that time, the main rival of the empire was crown of France. Correspondence between the Emperor Carlos W. and his ambassador to France, Jean de Saint Mauricewas intense but also critical, so I was encodedas we see here:

Library of Stanislas

Carlos W. wrote it coded letter in 1547who currently guards the Stanislas Library in Nancy, France.

For 500 years no one could decipher it. Cryptographer Cecile Pierrot has been using the most advanced decryption software for several months and has come to the conclusion that it will take “age of the universe“to crack the code, according to AFP, via Phys.

Deciding not to give up, Cecile turned to Camille Desenclos, then a specialist in history, for help. Desanclos spent months looking for cards from Carlos W. what did the ambassador get Jean de Saint Mauriceuntil they found the final key: in one of the letters in the margin Ambassador of France wrote code conversion part.

This is a very serious breach of security on their part, but thanks to this, the experts were able to break the code. With part of the key decrypted, the number of combinations was greatly reduced, and computers were able to crack the rest of the code.

This is very well thought out coding, as one code can represent a whole wordand they exist fake codes that they do not mean anything, but the emperor added them to mislead the spies.

In an already deciphered letter, Carlos W. he asks his ambassador to France if the rumors are true that France has teamed up with the Italian general Pier Strozzi to kill him. He also explains that his desire is to keep the peace treaty signed with France, at least until he succeeds in appeasing the Lutheran rebellion.

BUT encrypted secret letter from Carlos W. which has remained undeciphered. 500 years, It revealed. There are many others that use the same code and this will help to know in more detail political intrigues the most powerful man in Europe in the 16th century.