The German company Hochwasserschutz Reitthaler specializes in the production protection systems against floods D floods. They are interesting from a technical point of view because do not require electricityY they work automatically.

Modern houses and buildings can withstand heavy rain without problems. But this is not the case when the released waters become floods, flowing like rivers through the streets of cities and towns.

If water gets into a home, office, or garage, the damage can be almost as big as a fire.

In areas where flooding tends to be relatively frequent, some protection is usually installed. There are many different types, but this protection system against floods D floods which is used in Germany, attracted our attention with its simplicity and efficiency.

machine and electricity

The German company Hochwasserschutz Reitthaler installs some flood protection fences which he handcrafts and custom-tailored to fit exactly the size of the door garagehome or business.

The fence is integrated into the ground so that it does not protrude, and even cars can drive over it.

over there under the fence reservoir with buoy. When it rains, the tank is filled with the minimum amount that is emptied. But if the tank suddenly fills up and the buoy goes beyond a certain area, it is assumed that there is very heavy rainor a flood.

A mechanical process slowly raises the safety valve or guard in a controlled manner using a pressurized gas cylinder. Thus, the entrance is protected by an insulating fence that prevents the penetration of water.

This protection can be arbitrarily high, although it usually reaches half a meter or one meter to protect itself from floods that height.

When the danger has passed and the buoy returns to its original position, flood fence it is removed automatically. all this without electricityhydraulic system, compressed air or spring balancer.

Is flood fence D floods It is a very practical and effective flood protection system. If you’re interested, you have more information on their website… in pure German.