If you’re one of those who hate lugging a heavy suitcase at the bus stop or airport, the Airwheel suitcase is the solution you’ve been looking for. Although first they need to get the minimum funding they are looking for on Kickstarter.

Airwheel is designed to take us from one point of the airport to another on a motorized path.thrusting his fist into a suitcase that serves as a miniature motorcycle, although it doesn’t look like a more motivated person running before missing the plane for the next trip.

The accelerator and brake are in the form of buttons on the handle. 10cm wheels absorb shock and be resilient enough to withstand bumps and scratches (like electric scooters).

The outer chassis is made of aluminum alloy, it can support pilots up to 130kg. At top speed suitcase can reach speeds of 10 km/h, and the battery lasts for an hour at that speed. It is definitely more useful than a travel backpack.

Benefits of a mini bike suitcase: You’ll need it on your next trip

The company claims that not only is it faster than other ride bags, but the more upright seating position is more comfortable and natural than the hunched posture of others.

If you need to go further, the battery can be easily replaced. Or, if you have plenty of power, you can use it as a portable power bank to charge your phones or other devices via two USB ports.

Regarding its usefulness as luggage, Airwheel has a volume of 28 liters, net weight 7.5 kg including batteryand compact enough to fit in the top compartment.

The company also claims that it is TSA, FAA and IATA compliant and has a three-digit combination lock. For easy customization, the Airwheel connects to an app that allows users to set the colors and patterns of the lights.

The Airwheel suitcase has already surpassed its purpose on kickstarter44 days left until the campaign. Donations start at $459 and if all goes well, shipping should start in February 2023.