The price of apartments or any real estate is going through the roof and there was already a need for a system that would make it possible to purchase any of them at a lower price, but now the Ministry of Finance has a solution. Currently and according to Idealista, square meter in Spain reached 1910 eurossomething completely inaccessible to the majority of the population of Spain.

Well, the TaxTax authorities) wanted to make our dreams come true and introduced this new home auction site. The main portal is located on Tax agencyalthough a mobile app has also been created.

This new system was born in Spain with the aim of quickly and easily find any House or property which meets our needs with search criteria such as the province in which the property is located, the type or its valuation.

This includes houses, plots, storage facilities and car parks that have already been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). Already talk about savings up to 50%.

This is a new site dedicated to the real estate auction of the Ministry of Finance.

This novelty of the Treasury will allow us to access the property that has been seized, for example, in order to be able to deal with a debt to the administration. And the thing is, until now, accessing them has been really difficult. However, everything has changed.

Through a range of filters that you can set, such as by community or property, you will be able to access all auction offers. In each of the offers you can see all sorts of information: photos, measurements, location, description…

Tax authorities

Regarding access to property, if we have already chosen it, There are a number of steps to follow as required:

  1. To participate, you must make a deposit from 5% to 25% (specified) of the price of the object and, of course, have economic solvency, since in case of a loss, the deposit will not be returned to you. .
  2. After that, you can place your first bid (the price that appears will be the lowest)
  3. 20 days after the announcement of the auction, the results will be published
  4. If you win, you have 20 more days to pay the remaining property money.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll find House your dreams as it is really difficult and they don’t offer many options as we can see in the case of Madrid.

That’s why They allow you to activate alerts that will keep you up to date with any news. If you have a Cl@ve PIN, you will be able to receive a notification on your mobile phone when the auction starts. Also you can add to favorites Any property you want to keep an eye on.

Tax authorities

As you can see from the images, we find properties of any price and quality. For example, In Madrid, you can find one for 20,451.2 euros or a pantry for 3,307.71 euros.

In addition, please note that in each offer you can find the phone number 91 598 63 34, which will allow you to receive information about all these Treasury auction offers free of charge. It may not be our dream site as it can be very difficult to find something that will convince us and finally win the tender, but of course it is the first step.