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Biden’s non-binary deputy stole a suitcase of women’s clothing. He faces five years in prison

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Sam Brinton, the first non-binary government official of US President Joe Biden, allegedly stored a $2,325 (nearly 56,000 crowns) suitcase at the Minneapolis airport in September. According to police, he then threw the women’s clothes out of his luggage and used the suitcase for another month, although he told police that he “took it by mistake.” He ended up in the presidential administration. Details reported portal New York Post.

Sam Brinton is one of the first federal government officials not to adhere to the gender binary. allegedly stole a $2,325 suitcase from baggage claim in Minneapolis in mid-September this year.— stated in the materials of the court.

Brinton he uses when addressing pronouns they/they, confronted the police, initially denied stealing the bag and claimed thatthat his clothes were inside the suitcase.

Brinton, who serves as Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Management in the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Administration, but then he changed his mind and began to claim that he took the luggage by mistake. He then revealed to the police that he first realized the suitcase was not his when he opened it at the hotel. Then on your own Nervous at this statement, he emptied his suitcase and packed his clothes. to sockets in the hotel.

Imprisonment and a fine of a quarter of a million

When the police first received a report of the missing suitcase, the police examined footage from the airport, which allegedly showed that Brinton grabbed the baggage from the conveyor belt and removed the identification tag. with the name of the owner.

Brinton was later arrested on two trips to Washington. on which he took the allegedly stolen suitcase. “If I took another suitcase, I would gladly return it, but I don’t have someone else’s clothes, it was my clothes”, Brinton said during interrogation.

Brinton then apparently came to his senses and called the police two hours later. and admitted that he was “not entirely honest”. Biden’s official was charged with theft of personal property. Because of the accusation received leave and, according to the stock monitor, which monitors the actions of government officials, another official was appointed as his interim successor earlier this month. If the Brintons are convicted, he can receive up to five years in prison or a $10,000 (240,000 crown) fine.

Source: Blesk

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