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Orban on the war in Ukraine: This is not our war. And he’s not interested in cutting ties with Russia

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Hungary was in danger of being drawn into the war if the opposition won the elections. This was stated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. According to him, the Hungarian government supports Ukraine and is interested in its survival as a sovereign country. However, at the same time, he is interested in Russia not threatening the security of Europe, and is not interested in ending all economic ties with Russia. Orban said this in an interview published by the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

The Hungarian prime minister also made it clear that he does not perceive the Russian invasion of Ukraine as “our war”, and that is why Budapest is only providing humanitarian assistance to Kyiv. “We stand on the Hungarian side of history” – zOrban stressed in an interview quoted by MTI today.

He called this the most dangerous year since the fall of the communist regime in 1989. According to him, Hungary is in danger of being drawn into the Ukrainian conflict if the opposition left-wing parties win the April elections: “We would be up to our necks in this,” Orban said. He stressed that Hungary is the only European country that managed to stay out of this war “because the Hungarians voted for it.” Orban’s Fidesz party won again in the April elections.

The head of the Hungarian government attributed the rise in prices for energy and other goods to the sanctions adopted by the European Union in an attempt to stop Russian aggression. “If the Christmas Angel lifted energy sanctions, energy prices would immediately fall,” Orban said. According to him, the inflation rate in Hungary will also fall sharply, and the country will be able to count on a five percent economic growth instead of the current 1.5 percent.

Orban warned that the war could drag on for decades. “But Ukraine can only fight as long as the US supports it with weapons and money. If the American people want peace, there will be peace.” said the Prime Minister of Hungary.

“As a sovereign state, Ukraine cannot be expected to sacrifice part of its territory for the sake of European peace, energy security and prosperity. But we can decide for ourselves to what extent we will support them. Hungary decided to provide humanitarian assistance in this war. This is not our war.” said the head of the Hungarian government.

According to the RBC-Ukraine server, Orban’s words were taken in Kyiv as a wish for Ukraine to lose the war and start negotiations with Russian terrorists who are waging a war of annihilation against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted sharply. “The Hungarian Prime Minister’s remarks demonstrate pathological contempt for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression, as well as his own political shortsightedness. After all, the defeat of Ukraine in the war, which Viktor Orban indirectly calls for, would lead to a direct threat to Hungary and the Hungarians from Russian aggression.” emphasized Ukrainian diplomacy.

According to a Ukrainian website, Orban is considered a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly spread the idea in the information space that the war will continue as long as Washington and its allies support Ukraine. Orban disguises himself by claiming that Budapest supports Ukraine, but constantly proclaims the idea of ​​peace negotiations with Russian terrorists, i.e.reports the Ukrainian portal.

Source: Blesk

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