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Iran Protests End: At least 100 Detained Protesters Face Death Penalty

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At least 100 people arrested in Iran for participating in anti-government protests face the death penalty. This was stated in a report by the non-governmental organization Iran Human Rights (IHR), based in Norway, which is monitoring the situation. According to her, among those who have already been sentenced to death or are under threat of a sentence, five are women. The IHR are based on information received from the families of those arrested, so the actual number of people facing execution may be higher.

This month, Iran executed two men who were detained during demonstrations. According to the judiciary, both attacked law enforcement officers. One of the men was publicly hanged from a construction crane to intimidate others.

“By issuing death sentences and carrying them out, (the authorities) want to force people to stay at home,” Mahmoud Amiri-Moghaddam, director of the IHR, told AFP. But, he says, it often backfires.

Protests in Iran broke out in mid-September after the death of 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish-born Mahsa Aminova. According to media reports, she was detained because of the too loose hijab. – a headscarf that a Muslim woman must use to cover her hair and cleavage, and which women in Iran are required to wear in public after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. According to police, the woman suffered a heart attack and, according to her family and other sources, she died as a result of police brutality.

At least 476 people died during the demonstrations, including 64 children and 34 women, according to the IHR.

Source: Blesk

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