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Joe Biden has been criticized for flying into the Caribbean during a storm. Heavy rain awaits US after snowfall

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The atmospheric situation in the United States has already caused the death of 62 people. 200,000 people left without electricity for Christmas

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The atmospheric situation in the United States has already caused the death of 62 people. 200,000 people left without electricity for Christmas

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United States President Joe Biden is under fire for traveling to the Caribbean during what is being called the “blizzard of the century,” according to The Telegraph. The latest data shows that Storm Elliot has already caused 62 deaths in nine US states. An estimated 200,000 people were left without electricity on the morning of 25 December.

USA. Storm Elliot has already killed 62 people in nine states.

Biden landed in the US Virgin Islands with his family on Tuesday night, the 27th, and will remain there until the end of the year. Meanwhile in the US, following a deadly weekend that particularly affected New York State, Rising temperatures are currently causing heavy rainfall, which is called the “atmospheric river”.. According to The Guardian, the intensity of rain can reach more than one inch per hour.

Biden Declares State of Emergency in New York State for Federal Aid

By Tuesday, this new storm had already made landfall in northern California and the states of Oregon and Washington. San Francisco already has records of flooded roads and falling trees, according to The New York Times. In Oregon, at least 128,000 homes were left without electricity. More floods, landslides and debris are expected in the coming days.

In the city of Olympia, Washington, part of the city was flooded due to flooding. “Jellyfish flooded the coast and reached our streetsMore than a dozen homes were flooded that day, according to the Seattle Times. Seattle’s flood warning has been extended until this Wednesday morning (local time).

Although the weather is expected to calm down on Wednesday, The New York Times claims that worsen again with the arrival of three more storms within a weekuntil January 1st. Snowfall and rain will hit central California along the Pacific Northwest coast.

About 6,000 flights were canceled across the country from Tuesday to Wednesday.This is reported by FlightAware.com, quoted by The Telegraph. Those numbers, combined with Biden’s trip to the Caribbean during the chaos of Storm Elliot, are at the center of criticism of the president, especially motivated by Republicans.

“He didn’t just go on vacation, but somewhere warm and beautiful, while others literally freeze to death,” Michele Tafoya shot himself., a political commentator, quoted by the same newspaper. Republican Senator Ted Cruz shared on twitter Fox News clip commenting on Joe Biden’s vacation. “Enjoy St. Croix,” he wrote.

Joe Biden is in St. Croix Hospital, US Virgin Islands with wife Jill, daughter Ashley, her husband Howard Klein and two grandchildren. His return is scheduled for Jan. 2, the day the House of Representatives will be controlled by the Republican Party.

US midterm elections. Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives

Source: Observador

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