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US introduces negative Covid-19 tests for travelers from China, Macau and Hong Kong

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The same measure was taken by Italy, as well as Japan, India and Malaysia.

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The same measure was taken by Italy, as well as Japan, India and Malaysia.

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The United States government has made it mandatory for travelers from China, Macau and Hong Kong to present a negative Covid-19 test result to enter the country. The measure to slow the spread of the virus was announced this Wednesday, December 28, and will come into effect from January 5, 2023.

This was announced by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The restriction is applied due to the worsening pandemic situation in China, which has faced a new outbreak of the novel coronavirus after it canceled its “Zero Covid” prevention policy three weeks ago.

Negative tests will be mandatory for all travelers arriving from these territories, regardless of their nationality or status vaccination, according to The New York Times. This measure also applies to anyone arriving from China to the US from a third country and simply landing in the US to make a stopover en route to another destination.

Also this Wednesday, Italy announced that the same measure would apply throughout the territory after a flight was discovered landing in Milan from China where 52% of passengers tested positive for Covid-19.. Japan, India, Malaysia and Taiwan also only allow travelers from China if they test negative for the antigen.

Italy reintroduces Covid-19 tests for arrivals from China after a flight with 52% of infected passengers was identified

While all signs point to an alarming situation, Chinese authorities are not transparent about the number of cases or deaths. Official figures indicate typically between one and three deaths per day, but there are days when no Covid-19-related deaths are reported. The country also said that from January 8, information on deaths and serious cases associated with covid-19 will be published weekly and, “following the development of the pandemic”, may become “monthly”.

China to begin weekly and then monthly reporting of deaths and serious cases of Covid-19

Source: Observador

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