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Fire engulfs large hotel and casino, desperate guests jump out of windows: at least 16 people die in Cambodia

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At least 16 people died overnight in a fire at a casino and hotel in the Cambodian city of Poipet, which is located near the border with Thailand. 50 people were injured, many seriously, and it is feared that more people may have ended up inside the still burning buildings. This is reported by the AP agency with reference to the Cambodian police.

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A fire that has been raging for 12 hours broke out in a business called Grand Diamond City. Its reasons are still unknown.

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Crews of 11 fire engines and 360 rescuers are on the scene, with firefighters from neighboring Thailand also helping, authorities said.

Pictures posted on social media show The huge complex is engulfed in flames. You can see how in the video people appear to be jumping from the windows and roofs of more than 10-story buildings after the fire locked them inside

About 400 people work in Grand Diamond City, according to the Cambodian police, and according to local media, foreigners were in the building during the fire. According to Thai television PBS, 50 Thais, employees and guests, were left trapped in the complex.

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“The fire is massive and started in the casino, where it is difficult for our water cannons to reach. That’s why it’s still on fire.” This was reported to AP by one of the firefighters.

“Now we are trying to take the corpses out of the building. We don’t think anyone survived inside because there is a lot of thick smoke. Even rescuers must have the appropriate equipment, otherwise they won’t be able to breathe inside at all,” added one of the members of the rescue team.

Many casinos have sprung up in Poipet. Thai customers flock there for legal gambling – casinos are banned in their homeland, AFP notes.

Source: Blesk

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