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Fact checking. Has Ronaldo scored his first goal for Al Nasr yet?

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Cristiano Ronaldo finally has a new club after leaving Manchester United during the World Cup in Qatar from November to December 2022. At the age of 37, the Portuguese footballer will play for Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr for the next two years, where he will receive around 200 million euros per season. Ronaldo was unveiled on Tuesday as the new addition to the Saudi national team at the Mrsul Park stadium in Riyadh. However, according to an Instagram post on January 1, 2023, the Portuguese star has already started his new football adventure in style: he scored his debut goal. However, this is currently a false publication.

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The publication claims that Ronaldo has already scored his first goal for the new team. But this information is not true, since the captain of the national team has not even officially played yet. In fact, looking at the video posted by the author, the shirt of the Saudi Arabia club is yellow and blue, like the one seen in the footage from that Instagram post . However, given that Al Nasr’s next game is scheduled for this Thursday at 15:00 against Al Tai in the Saudi Arabian league, it would be impossible for Ronaldo to already be playing for his new club. That is, this video does not correspond to the game of the famous CR7 in the service of his new emblem.

Then, using the image identification tool, it is clear that the header Ronaldo scores, which can be seen in this video, is from a match he played in the Juventus away kit in 2021. The Portuguese player and captain of the Nacional Portugal national team came off the bench to help Juventus draw against Udinese on August 22, 2021. As you can see, the T-shirt has the same colors as Al-Nasr, but it’s not the same emblem. The video of the goal is available on Youtube, you can watch it here:

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Nothing tells us that Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be on the bench in his first game for Saudi Arabia this week, he just hasn’t done so yet. And nothing tells us that he will score for the first time, but he has not yet done so. By the way, after the anticipation that arose with his debut for Al-Nasr and which was supposed to happen this Thursday, it was reported that Ronaldo was not allowed to enter the field in the next two matches. That’s because he’s serving a suspension – exactly two games – by order of the Football Association when he was still playing for Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to make his debut for Al-Nasr this Thursday due to suspension, according to the English press.

The punishment was applied after the events involving CR7 in November 2022. Ronaldo threw a fan’s mobile phone on the ground as he left the field after the match and, in addition to being punished with two games, he was also fined €60,000. Since the penalty had not yet taken effect in Manchester, the Football Association at the time guaranteed that it would apply at the club the player would join. “If the player refuses Man. United, pending the completion of the official two-match suspension from senior competition, the suspension will apply to any new club he joins.”


Ronaldo couldn’t score his first goal for Al Nasr because he hadn’t even played his first competitive game yet. It was introduced on Tuesday 3 January but has not yet competed in the championship. It could have happened this Thursday, but the expected punishment, which was applied while he was still with Manchester United, should prevent his debut this Thursday. The analyzed publication is already more than three days old, so its content was found to be false.

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