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Britain considers sending tanks to Ukraine for the first time

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UK is considering sending 10 Challenger 2 tanks to the British Army

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UK is considering sending 10 Challenger 2 tanks to the British Army

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The UK has been considering supplying tanks to Ukraine for “weeks now” to help fight Russian troops. There is a verdict for now, but a positive decision could lead other allies to follow the same path.

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Sources told Sky News that negotiations are underway to supply Kyiv with British Army Challenger 2 tanks. If the measurement has a green light, it will For the first time since the beginning of the invasion, a Western country has provided Ukraine with modern main battle tanks.in February last year.

In recent months, the European allies have already supplied Soviet-made tanks, but have refused to supply similar Western-made weapons. Last year, Poland and the Czech Republic even sent more than 200 Soviet T-72 tanks.

skynews, one source indicated that the UK could supply 10 Challenger 2 tanks, enough to equip the squadron. The most significant impact of this kind of contribution will indeed be the ability to mobilize other Western countries, including Germany and the United States, to follow the same path.

“It will be a good precedent for others, in particular for Germany, with Leopard 2 … and Abrams from the USA,” the same source said.

Ukraine has been asking for months to send tanks to equip the army against Russian troops. So far, however, the allied countries have been restrained.

Over the weekend, Finland announced its readiness to supply Kiv tanks if other European countries move in this direction. “If Europe starts supplying tanks to Ukraine, Finland should participate in our small contribution”, – stressed the chairman of the National Defense Committee Antti Hakkianen.

Poland also pointed in the same direction. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the country is waiting for a coalition to supply Ukraine with more modern weapons. While Warsaw appears unwilling to send more tanks on its own, a diplomat told the Wall Street Journal that authorities evaluate the Ukrainian application.

The discussion of sending tanks comes at a time when Ukraine’s allies have shown a willingness to step up support in the face of a Russian invasion. Last week France, Germany and the USA announced the deployment of armored vehicles, which Kyiv also requested.

“The time of taboo weapons is over”: allies send military vehicles to Ukraine

France was in the lead, promising to send the AMX-10 RC. This was followed by the decision of Germany and the United States, which jointly decided to send the Marder and Bradley, respectively.

Although this is a significant addition – thanks have already come from Ukraine for the new support – combat vehicles such as the Marder and Bradley are considered to be behind the German Challenger 2 tanks and Leopards or the North American Abrams. Moreover, Kyiv has already made it clear that “to win faster” he needs tanks.

Source: Observador

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