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Brazil. 1,500 arrested, 40 buses confiscated, crime of coup under investigation

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Brazilian authorities have already detained about 1,500 people after forcibly breaking into buildings where the federal government is based on Sunday, Brazil’s Justice and Public Security Minister Flavio Dino said at a press conference on Monday.

“In terms of arrests, we had 209 crime scene arrests yesterday,” a government official said. “Now there are about 1,200 people at the hearings, in total, about 1,500 arrests, arrests.” The “overwhelming majority” of those detained were in the Bolsonaro camp in Brasilia, and the arrests were made this morning by the Brazilian federal authorities.

“At the moment, people are at the headquarters of the National Police Academy, they are being listened to by 50 brigades of the federal judicial police,” the minister said. There are several crimes that may have been committed on Sunday by several demonstrators, and the minister rejected the idea that innocent people were detained as a result of police actions.

Source: Observador

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