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Biden is in trouble: he has secret documents “sewn together” in his office, the FBI is chasing him

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Secret government documents from his tenure as Vice President have been found in the former office of current US President Joe Biden. This was reported by the CBS news server. According to him, there were about ten documents, and none of them contained information relating to US nuclear weapons. The case is currently being investigated by the US Department of Justice. Due to the fact that he had a number of secret documents from the presidency at his residence in Florida, former President Donald Trump has also recently come under the gun of the authorities.

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The documents were discovered by Biden’s legal team.ci in a locked closet when last November they ransacked the Washington office that the 80-year-old politician used from 2017 to 2020. They reported the find to the White House and handed over the documents to the National Archives.

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Documents that were in a folder with other unclassified files are now are being investigated by representatives of the Ministry of Justice. According to CBS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also involved in the case.

U.S. law requires that all presidential and vice presidential papers be deposited with the National Archives. An examination of the current case should answer, including why this did not happen and how the documents got from the White House to the Democratic politician’s Washington office.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called the case very disturbing.

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Former President Trump faces an investigation into his failure to hand over hundreds of confidential documents when he left the White House in early 2021. A months-long standoff between authorities and Trump, who the Justice Department says is uncooperative, even led to FBI agents raiding his Florida residence last year.

Source: Blesk

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