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Ramos-Horta: Timorese are more aware of the lies and deceit in the human trafficking network

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Hundreds of Timorese remain vulnerable in Portugal and elsewhere.


Hundreds of Timorese remain vulnerable in Portugal and elsewhere.


The President of the Timorese Republic, José Ramos-Horta, said on Tuesday that the Timorese population has become better informed and aware of human trafficking networks, which has led to a reduction in the number of immigrants.

“There was more control over the exits, more police and more information, and there were fewer exits. Traffickers also neutralized or pursued by the police and the stakeholders themselves are also more aware and vigilant,” Luce said in statements.

“There was a lot of noise around those who were deceived. And many dozens of Timorese victims of these networks have already been repatriated from Portugal, as well as from other places such as Malaysia and Dubai,” he explained.

Ramos-Horta confirmed that this was one of the issues discussed on Tuesday at a meeting of the Supreme Council for Defense and Security (CSDS), where representatives of the Timor-Leste security sector intervened.

The issue of human trafficking has gained notoriety today after several cases of Timorese being deceived by false promises of work in several countries, including Portugal. Hundreds of Timorese remain vulnerable in Portugal and elsewhere.

Ramos-Horta stated that the Timorese authorities had taken ” exhaustive investigationin Timor-Leste, arresting several people and identifying others – “foreigners, for example, from Indonesia and Malaysia” – who are also involved.

The CSDS meeting, which took place this Tuesday, also analyzed the recent incidents that have taken place in recent weeks in Dili, with sporadic cases of violence.

“There is no indication that the incidents that have taken place are political or organized.. These are cases that are not related to each other. The police and other agencies are investigating, but preliminary data indicate this,” said Ramos-Horta.

“Some of them are in martial arts groups, and what usually happens is that when there is an incident involving one or two young people and they feel threatened, they ask their group for help or protection, and the situation escalates,” the chief explained. states.

“It turns an isolated incident into a martial arts clash. But these are isolated incidents,” he said.

Source: Observador

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