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Lula da Silva at a meeting with the governors of Brasilia: “They are talking about a coup. It’s the only thing I’ve heard of.”

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Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Brazilian President Lula da Silva told governors and representatives of various Brazilian states gathered in Brasilia on Monday that pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators would not be able to stage a coup d’état.

At a meeting with the leaders of all the states that make up the federal union of Brazil, after the clashes that broke out in the Brazilian capital on Sunday, Lula da Silva said that part of Bolsonaro’s supporters refused to recognize the results of the elections last October.

“The result of the elections took place and was respected by a significant part of society, but some of the losers did not accept it and are on the street demanding what? They stand in front of the barracks almost throughout the country,” Lula told the governors.

“They are talking about a coup. It’s the only thing you hear about. What we are doing here is an attempt to correct a defect that was created back when everyone in this country began to deny, ”added Lula, quoted by O Globo newspaper.

“After the democratic party, we were all taken by surprise. Every time I lost, I came back home. These people began to declare the denial of the election results. These people, after questioning the ballot box, saying that if it were missing, it would be stolen, they did not want to recognize the results of the elections,” said the President of Brazil.

Among those present at the meeting were several governors and mayors close to Jair Bolsonaro, who also expressed their support for a peaceful and democratic resolution of the conflicts in Brasilia.

After the meeting, Lula da Silva invited the governors to visit the damaged buildings.

Source: Observador

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