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ONLINE: Zelensky took away Ukrainian citizenship from Medvedchuk. And the Wagners didn’t control Soledar

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In its latest report on developments on the Ukrainian front, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) notes that Russian forces have not yet succeeded in completely capturing the city of Soledar, despite the claims of some Russian sources. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revoked Ukrainian citizenship from Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and three other pro-Russian politicians. Watch the dramatic events around the war in Ukraine on Blesk.cz in our online broadcast.

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  • Thursday 24 February the world was stunned by the news from Ukraine – Putin ordered to attack Ukraine! Where is the current hostilities in Ukraine? Take a look at the clear infographic.
  • Do you accommodate refugees at home or otherwise help Ukrainians in the Czech Republic? Lightning launched a website For Ukraine, where you can find practical tips and news in Ukrainian written by people who have already gone through the same process.
  • Ukraine is celebrating success thanks to special HIMARS rocket launchers that Kyiv received from the United States. View HERE. Read about other Ukrainian successes HERE

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Source: Blesk

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