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Zelensky, in his speech at the Golden Globe, said that there would be no Third World War

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It is now 2023, the war in Ukraine has not ended, but the situation is changing and it is already clear who will win

It is now 2023, the war in Ukraine has not ended, but the situation is changing and it is already clear who will win

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this morning that “there will be no third world war” in a remote speech during the Golden Globes ceremony, which took place in Los Angeles.

“This is not a trilogy,” Zelensky said, saying that there will be no successor to the First and Second World Wars”who killed millions of people.”

The former actor Zelensky himself recalled that the Golden Globe was created at the height of World War II, and the first issue awarded the best roles in 1944, when the war was still shaking the world.

“The Second World War was not over yet, but the situation had changed, and everyone knew who would win.”, said. “It is now 2023, the war in Ukraine is not over, but the situation is changing, and it is already clear who will win.”

Zelensky stressed that the world supports the Ukrainian cause and called for its continuation. “There are more battles and tears ahead of us, but now I can say for sure who was the best last year, it was you,” he said. “Free people of the free world. Those who united around the support of the free Ukrainian people in our common struggle for freedom.”

The head of state also spoke about the need to continue the struggle.”for the right of new generations to know war only through cinema“.

More than a decade into the conflict, Zelenskiy continues to keep Ukraine in the media spotlight, having served in the US Congress in December and secured a White House commitment last week for a new $3.75 billion (€3.49 million) military assistance to the country and neighboring NATO allies.

“Ukraine will stop Russian aggression on our territory,” the president assured, ending with the traditional greeting that the world now recognizes: “Glory to Ukraine.”

The speech was introduced by actor Sean Penn, who, before giving the stage to Zelensky, also praised the courage of Iranian youth rising in protest and the “always stubborn movement” of Afghan women.

“We are being reminded in no uncertain terms that the freedom to dream is not just a human luxury, but a human need that must be fought for and sacrificed for,” Penn said.

“If freedom to dream was a spear, I present to you the man who today represents the sharpest point of this spear.”said Penn about the Ukrainian president.

In 2022, the actor presented Zelensky with his Oscar with the mission: “when you win, return him to Malibu.”

In 2022, the 80th Golden Globes took place in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, celebrating the best in television and film.

Source: Observador

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