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Suspected of cannibalism in the Netherlands detained by SEF at Lisbon airport

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The Aliens and Border Guard Service detained a man at Lisbon airport on Monday on suspicion of murder in the Netherlands. brought clothes with traces of blood and a plastic bag with pieces of meat.

A 26-year-old man was detained at the border control of the airport after authorities suspected the legitimacy of the card of an Italian citizen submitted, the SEF said in a statement to the media on Tuesday.

It started to be detained “on solid grounds for the crime of forgery documents”, but then the authorities it turned out that it was a man suspected of committing a murder in Holland the day before, “which is why I intended to leave the Schengen area using a false ID,” SEF claims.

That man charged with a crime Sunday, having fled to Portugal the next day, where he was arrested before take a flight to Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. According to information provided by Jornal de Notícias, there are signs of cannibalism.

Also Monday afternoon, the Amsterdam judiciary issued a European arrest warrant for extradition purposes.

“At the direction of the authorities of the Netherlands and DIAP Lisbon, in addition to the documents that the suspect had, a bandage and clothes with traces of blood, a plastic bag with several pieces of meat and a mobile phone were seized, and the foreign citizen was taken to the Scientific Police Laboratory of the State Prosecutor’s Office,” adds SEF .

This Tuesday, at dawn, the man was admitted to the Santa Maria hospital in Lisbon for a clinical evaluation of an injury to his right arm, “from where he should be discharged at the end of the day.”

The detainee will be present at the Lisbon Court of Appeal for the first judicial examination and the application of the appropriate coercive measure.

Source: Observador

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